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I am a 2012 graduate from Ferris State University, having earned a BS in graphic design within the College of Business. Public relations, professional selling, and management courses are built into my design education. My degree stresses design as both visual communication and strategy.

I give and take from my experiences because design is inevitably derived from personal exposure. Study abroad trips to France, Greece, Italy, and Turkey are held dear to my heart. Through these experiences I have gained perceptive views of culture, functionality, and human interaction. Exposure like these—in addition to design professional lectures, conferences, and studio tours—have shaped the interpersonal skills I hold today.

These perceptions are applied to my design process to obtain the ability to visually and verbally communicate. Having been subjected to a broad-based design curriculum, I have the knowledge and understanding to approach and implement a project in the most effective way possible. Personal interaction is a strength of mine, allowing me to observe, listen, understand, and communicate the needs of prospects.
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